All about Island of Raasay in Scotland


Scotland is a country with a long and rich history spanning back centuries. The keeping of its culture and traditions mixed with its modern society makes Scotland a very unique place to visit. From castles to golf courses to beautiful lochs, you won’t leave disappointed.

Edinburgh – The country’s capital and host of the largest arts festival in the world every August. Edinburgh is a diverse city full of castles, underground chambers, theaters, cathedrals and much more. An array of shops, cafes, parks and monuments, and museums you have plenty of things to keep you interested during the day, and by nightfall the city’s vibrant nightlife comes alive. Edinburgh is definitely a place you won’t forget.

Glasgow – Scotland’s largest city and home to its two largest soccer teams. Glasgow has become renowned for its music scene, where a lot of chart topping bands began their journey. The city has three universities, a host of parks, museums and art galleries, plenty to keep you busy.

St. Andrew – Famous for its Old Course, the first ever golf course in the world. It is also home to the University of St. Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland with Prince William as one of its graduates. St. Andrews is a small town on the coast of Fife, it is a very warm and friendly town and a good representation of how Scottish people live.

Loch Ness – A trip to Scotland would not be complete without trying to steel a glance of the Loch Ness monster! Whilst Loch Ness has become somewhat of a tourist spot, it still holds some of the most beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer.

On top of those wonderful destinations you also have many famous Scotch Distillery’s dotted all over the country. If you like a specific brand of Scotch, you can go to the very distillery it is made.

Island of Raasay in Scotland- An Intro


The land of natural beauty and many islands is Scotland. This country has excellent landscapes and beautiful lakes. But the good thing is that it is also very cheap, and what it has to offer comparatively is very, very expensive in terms of quality and tourism.

When you go to Scotland you see such heavenly spectacles, that you tend to realize that you are in a perfect world. The clouds, sky and the greenery is of concentrated color. All this you can enjoy at a very comfortable price. Scotland is a place ideal for tourism and to tour its’ multi-colored terrain is an absolute necessity. At a reasonable fare, the tourist enjoys and takes a ride on buses and ferries taking him/her to passes and islands. It has the advantage of being part of the United Kingdom and the British Isles, and also an added attraction which is being cheapest country to travel to. Any traveler would say that Scotland has the best to offer in the category of beautiful lakes, mountains and even unusual passes.

Affordable restaurants and diners are everywhere, with the polite Scottish hospitality. In Scotland fresh and excellent seafood is available, everywhere. Salmon is a special fish and also a delicacy. It is recommended along with other sea creatures which the Scottish waters have to offer. Other nationalities and their foods are also to be found here. There is also a very exquisite Scottish Black pudding, and other local puddings. Pies are also on the menu and they are also worth eating. All these at cheap rates can be had off the shelf.

This place surely is one of the cheapest countries to travel to when it comes to history. Cheap tour packages taking you to the remnants of the Scottish freedom wars and battles can be availed. The overwhelming medieval castles can be visited depicting their terrifying ages.